Admission to Conservatoires, Music Colleges or Drama Schools

“Having spent ten years as a musical theatre student I realised I wanted to be a classical singer, however my technique was seriously flawed. I had just 8 months before I auditioned at the Conservatoires for music.

After several consultation lessons with singing teachers I was most inspired by Anneke who taught me how a proper singing technique is accomplished covering a broad range from posture, phonation, diction and vowel sounds and fundamentally breath support to language pronunciation and interpretation.

We both worked very hard and this came to fruition when I received an offer from the Royal Northern College of Music for vocal studies. I owe a great deal of my success to Anneke.”

Charlotte Badham

Aiming for Certificates and Diplomas

“I have been taught by Anneke for over 3 years, having been a professional performer for over 10 years. Not only is she a brilliant teacher but also such a lovely lady that I really look forward to each lesson. During my time studying with Anneke many people have commented on how much my voice and confidence have improved.

I studied with Anneke towards my advanced certificate in singing with Trinity Guildhall in which I attained a distinction with 90/100 marks and hope to continue this success as I am currently now working with her towards my diploma (ATCL). Not only is Anneke the best vocal coach I have worked with she also has the added bonus of being able to coach you in the languages required to sing for these exams.”

Stephanie Coombes - Classical Headline Vocalist

The Accent Method and Safe Belting

“Anneke completely tailored the style of teaching to my needs. As an actor performing in large theatres and outdoor areas I wanted to get more power to my voice. The mixture of classical music with musical theatre techniques - such as belting - has proven to strengthen my voice for the long term. Her focus on the biology of the voice has given me an understanding to ensure I have longevity in my career. I am performing in an open air event at the moment and the difference I feel is so satisfying.”

Louisa Beadel

Vocal Health and Enhancement of the Voice

“I was lucky enough to be able to visit Anneke each week to help with my vocal health problems. Anneke helped me to develop my voice, not just to produce a classical quality, but also to reduce my bad tension whilst singing in my professional career.

Since being a student with Anneke I have a much clearer tone and can produce a great sound in a much healthier way. I also have a much greater knowledge about how my voice works and how to project, which is all very important when using your voice on a day to day basis. I can also thank Anneke for giving me a better understanding of musicianship, giving the drive and confidence to deliver great vocals night after night”

Carl De Marco

Jo Estill Voice Craft for Singing and Speech

“I came back to choral singing after a long time away. It continues to give me great pleasure but I have a respiratory condition which sometimes makes it very difficult to sing. Anneke has been my teacher and informal voice therapist for several years and I go back to her whenever I need rescuing or re-inspiring. Throughout this time she has been tremendously patient and understanding, encouraging me to keep going and teaching me techniques to maintain the range and quality of my voice.

I was recently referred to a Speech Therapist when my voice was badly affected by using inhaled steroids. It was very reassuring to realise that the work I had done with Anneke was absolutely in line with the remedial treatment I was receiving from the NHS. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who has difficulties with their voice, whether these are linked with health problems, the challenges of maintaining singing capacity when growing older or faulty techniques at any age.”

Tessa TL